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Cyber Resilience for SMEs

Cyber Resilience for SMEs

Cyber Resilience for SMEs Free Webinar 23 Feb @ 11am

Cyber Resilience for SMEs

How to keep your business operational, secure, and trusted by your customers, while evolving your cyber roadmap to meet enterprise value chain and public procurement compliance.

Friday 23rd Feb, 11:00 – 12:30
Free Online Webinar

Delivered By: Data2Sustain EDIH in partnership with Atlantic Technological University, Cyber Ireland and ITAG

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About Data2Sustain

Mike Conroy Director, Data2Sustain EDIHATU

Data2Sustain, a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in Ireland’s North and West, focuses on advancing digitalisation and data innovation for businesses and public bodies, through consultancy, innovation projects, capacity building and business/funding supports.

Our pre-funded services are available free to qualify enterprises and public bodies, in line with state aid guidelines.

Our funded consortium includes the region’s universities, research centres, innovation gateways and all the region’s business support agencies, led by a one-stop-shop Data2Sustain Director and Digital Leadership Group.

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